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Tutorials for Objective-C & Xcode 7

Today we are proud to announce the release of our brand new iOS app for iphone and iPad called, Tutorials for Objective-C & Xcode 7.

Topics Covered: - Understanding Xcode, Interface Builder, Simulator and Project Types - Objective-C: Full guide to creating full featured apps - Create 20 real applications in both languages - All Objects, Actions and Outlets possible in App Development - Social Integration: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and more - Storyboards and nib Files - Universal Support and Screen Size Support - Images and Sounds Integration - Full Featured Apps - Saving and Loading: From text to data - Earning Revenue Ad Networks - Fun and Simple Games - Full In App Purchase Support - Core Data Applications - Camera Support Applications - App Store Submission and Update Support

Check out the screenshot below of the app and i hope you enjoy!

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