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Update Time from Geeky Lemon

Hey Guys,

It's time for an update here at Geeky Lemon, i want to talk to you about what going on here and what's to come!

First off i want to talk about our website, The past couple of week we have been updating it with a fresh looking and much more sleeker design, Currently you may has issues with missing pages or links and experience the odd down time and this is because we have switched over our hosting to a new company which will provide us with a better service.

The new site shall be completed within the next week or two but until then you can still access all the features and pages just understand that they may be a few missing things and oddly placed objects on the screen.

The only thing we havent been able to transfer over is the old membership accounts but don't worry you can simple resign up and access all the great content and tutorials with seconds.

Talking about tutorials we have released many in a while and this is down to two reasons, the first is we have been focusing on our courses and filling them with exclusive content and for you guys and the second is we want the new site up and running before we bring you new tutorials, Now that iOS 9 and Xcode 7 is here we can focus on these new tutorials and we have a huge amount in the background ready for a computor screen near you!

If you have any tutorials you would like to request from us please leave a comment down below.

Recently we release 3 new courses on iOS 9 and Xcode 7 and have been a huge success with over 1,500 student enrollments all learning together and to celebrate this success we are offering huge discounts on all 3 courses with the folowing coupon links.

Also we have released 2 new iOS apps on which teach you how to create iOS applications and can be found on the app store by the following links.

Coming soon is an update to our popular Xcode tutorials iOS app which contains a huge database of tutorials for iOS and Xcode itself so stay tuned for that.

Thank you for the continued support given to us at Geeky Lemon.

And we wish you all the best.


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