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2015 Recap - Happy Holidays

Hey Guys,

What a year it's been at Geeky Lemon, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the support given over the year and what a way to end with an awesome recap.

2015 brought us our set of courses for iOS development we opted to create these courses to bring more to the table that our YouTube videos could not offer and what a success they become, With over 2000 students enrollments we create an awesome community, shared ideas and helped one another to achieve our goals and from that they helped a lot of students create there first application, I have loved seeing the creations on the App Store and fill me with joy to see what was possible from these courses.

We also got a huge amount of requests to create a full start to finish course on creating applications for businesses, Which many of you grasped with both hands and i am so proud to seen developers new and old create stunning apps to promote themselves and the products they sell, the smile never seems to fade.

But we never gave up on helping you guys as Geeky Lemon has become a community for developers from the 17,000 YouTube subscribers to the 23,000 site members, It's become a hub much more than we could expect and we hope to grow and continue this support into the future.

We also made the access of our content a lot easier from the many applications we created for iOS development and choosen to upgrate the website to give it a easy to use approach and a modern design ready to handle the new content coming in 2016.

Talking about new content we continue to bring you guys fresh and up to date tutorials over 2016 and looking forward to bringing watchOS and tvOS tutorials, 2016 is going to be a busy year but one of the best so far.

On one final note as you may already tell by the photo Udemy the platform used for the courses we have created have praised the great work we have done and the content we have provided to place us in the top instrutor category which is a huge honour and i couldn't be more proud and this is all down to each and every one of you guys.

Thank you so much for everything you guys have done for Geeky Lemon and i look forward to the future and together we can succeed in the goals we set ourselves!

All the best and happy holidays


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